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bioRevives philanthropy at work with Vic Deaf and the Victorian College of Arts

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Nearly 20% of students tested had experienced some hearing loss – and they’re only in their late teens or early twenties. Here’s what our area manager – Steve Cockrane – saw when he attended Vic Deaf’s hearing tests at the Victorian College of the Arts.

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending a clinic being run by the team from VicDeaf’s HearingService.

HearingService is an audiology service run by VicDeaf which specialises in (among a range of things) hearing loss management and hearing screening assessments. It was these two aspects of their services that were the focus of Friday’s activity.

The team of audiologists and audiology students had set up in the recording studio of the Victorian College of the Arts to provide hearing assessments for the next generation of Victoria’s musicians.

One of the tools they used was ‘Max’ a interactive acrylic head who is able to determine what level the students are listening to their music players at and just how that might impact their future hearing. Basically a student would set their music player to the volume level they’d listen to it through headphones. Then they would place those headphones on ‘Max’ who would then provide them with a reading of the likelihood of impact that sound level would have on their hearing in the long term. ‘Max’ provides great feedback which could easily lead a user to modify their behaviour and save their hearing from further potential damage.

Then the students underwent a comprehensive hearing test to determine whether they had indeed been exposed to hearing loss. Most of the students who participated were in their late teens or early twenties, and disturbingly of the 33 who underwent tests 6 demonstrated some level of hearing loss.

As hearing loss can never be recovered, this result shows just how vital the work of the team from VicDeaf is and what a great thing it is for BioRevive to be supporting this important work.

by Steve Cockrane, Area Manager Victoria, bioRevive.