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6 Ways to Stop Dry Feet this Winter

In winter our feet are often forgotten, and that can leave us with dry and unsightly feet when we want to step out in spring. These are some great tips to maintain your soft and beautiful feet all year round: Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated internally helps the entire body function properly, including your […]

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Caring for your Eyes

Part of a healthy lifestyle includes caring for our eyes. Like our skin, our eyes are exposed to the outside world and so need protection and support. This should start in childhood so that growing children learn healthy eye habits. Children spend more time outside, generally with little or no eye protection. Their pupils are […]

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OsteoArthritis – A weighty issue

Osteoarthritis is on the rise. As the leading cause of pain and disability in Australia it affects around 1.8 million people of whom almost two thirds are women. The most interesting development in our understanding of this debilitating condition is the parallel between the increase in osteoarthritis and obesity levels. Recent studies show just how […]

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Fascinating Footwear

Shoes began as a practical need, over time shoe designers have become just as concerned with art as they are with functionality, it’s because of this shoes have made their way into the history books. It’s true – without the right shoes history just wouldn’t be the same… ⁃ In the original ‘Wizard of Oz’ […]

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BioRevive Supports Safe Listening & Hear Loss Prevention with Vicdeaf

“One in four Australians using Portable Music Devices likely to develop permanent Hearing Loss – BioRevive’s Philanthropy Partner for 2015- Vicdeaf”* The team at BioRevive and CleanEars were very concerned to learn the impact portable music devices can have on a person’s hearing. “We decided to find out more and want to share with you […]

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BioRevive Partners with Children’s Ground To Help Australia’s Disadvantaged

BioRevive are very proud to announce we have become an official partner of Children’s Ground, who have introduced a groundbreaking and inspiring new approach for Aboriginal communities living in disadvantage. Children’s Ground provide tailored support programs to Aboriginal families so they can raise resilient, happy children. Children’s Ground believe they can break the cycle of […]

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Quick Winter Tips For Children’s Coughs and Colds.

Looking after a sick kid can be tiring for all the family and sleep within the household can be challenged. Upper respiratory tract infections in kids are often associated with poor immune function, which may be a result of a growth or development phase. All too often your child’s sleep patterns may be disturbed due to changes such as teething, or a […]

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The Importance of Good Bowel Health

The gastrointestinal tract is integral to the function of every other organ and organ system of the body. It is responsible for the digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients without which the body would cease to function. Traditionally, it was considered that poor or sluggish digestion led to poor vitality and diminished health. Poor digestion […]

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