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  • Nagestic Osteo provides relief from osteoarthritic and rheumatic pain and may help reduce associated joint stiffness, swelling and inflammation.
  • Milky Foot is an intense, at-home exfoliation treatment giving you milky soft feet. It is the easiest way to exfoliate and moisturise your feet.
  • Hydrodol is a supplement containing vitamins B1 and B2, amino acids, minerals, an anti-oxidant and a chinese herb, which can help relieve hangover symptoms.
  • CleanEars is a gentle ear wax removal spray that is suitable for children and adults. Ear wax is gradually removed from the ear within several hours or days.
  • Tears Again is a soothing spray for the relief of dry eyes. It improves the lubrication of the eyes and eyelids and relieves scratchy, irritated eyes.
  • LipRevive 232 are convenient capsules for wound and skin lesions and may help relieve cold sores. It can be used in children (from 5 years).
  • Nozovent is a leading anti-snoring device, which has been proven to relieve snoring and improve sleep.
  • Herpotherm is a chemical-free way to treat cold sores. It looks much like an electronic lipstick and is discreet, handy and fast.
  • MouthUlcer 212 are convenient capsules for mouth ulcers. It is an easy and hygienic way to treat painful mouth ulcers. It can be used in children (from 5 years).