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CleanEars Testimonials

Good for Hearing Aid Patients

Thank you for your prompt reply and information. It is good to know that your Squalene is plant based as opposed to the shark live base! I was a little nervous about the reaction I might get if I had to report that. Fitting the Lyric hearing aid, the ear must be clear of wax and dry. We have found your product to be fantastic to achieve this result. For our clients with the traditional hearing aids, we have found the spray nozzle to be easy to use and many of our clients are now using you product in a ongoing prevention of build-up regime. I will pass on your reply to our team and other Lyric Providers. 
Patrice Lockwood, Audiologist Victorian Hearing

Definitely a kid friendly product

The product itself was very easy to use: twist, spray and you’re done! Not having to tilt your head or your kids’ head is a huge bonus with CleanEars. You don’t have to worry about it running out. This is definitely a kid friendly product.
Kristy, A Kidspot Reviewer

Noticed the change after one application

CleanEars worked great. Even after one application I noticed my wax was liquefying. I felt clearer in my ears after using the product. I loved the fact that it dissolves the ear wax and expels it. No need for cotton buds. My daughter recently had an ear infection, which resulted in a burst ear drum. My boys always seem to have wax coming out of their ears. I will definitely be buying this product again for our future ear care.
A Kidspot Reviewer

Love your product!

By far the best product on the market to get rid of wax in the ears! l have had an ongoing problem with earwax all my life and CleanEars got rid of my wax and saved me going to the doctors for my regular ear flush. I give CleanEars a 10/10 and would never be without this now. My children have also used this with ease. Love your product and will recommend it to everyone. Thank you for the opportunity to try this, I will never be without it!!!
Yvonne, A Kidspot Reviewer

Cleaner ears for all the family - no dramas, no wrestling, just giggles

My family and I have been putting CleanEars to the test. We’d tried another brand before, but it wasn’t suitable for children under 2, so that was of no use to my youngest daughter plus it had a huge list of “issues”. My youngest was more than happy to stand still and let me spray her ear. She giggled and I did the next ear and she giggled again. No wrestling whatsoever, just giggling.
Every Day Mum Blogger, QLD

The family lines up to get their ears sprayed

I have to clean my ears very often. I wax up a lot, BUT I have found one spray in each ear once a week has trimmed down my daily ear cleaning. The kids are also done once a week, although I’m asked to clean their ears more now only because they love it. So Friday’s my family line up to get their ears sprayed.
A Kidspot Reviewer

No upset just giggles

The great thing with CleanEars: there was no need to chase my youngest daughter and wrestle her. A quick spray in each ear, and she didn’t need to lie down. She had zero reactions – yes my allergy child didn’t react at all apart from giggling. And now the entire family has clean ears as we’ve now made CleanEars part of our weekly routine.
A Kidspot Reviewer

A positive experience

Our experience with CleanEars has been positive. For us it is a handy product to stock for clients who have excessive wax that needs to be removed, so that we can ensure an accurate hearing test. And for people who wear hearing aids where wax can block the sound. Our clients report that it is easy to use, has no negative side effects and does not solidify the wax like some other products.

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