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Quick Relief for Coldsores

Herpotherm is a chemical-free way to treat cold sores. This easy-to-use device prevents and relieves cold sore outbreaks. Unlike other cold sore treatments, Herpotherm only takes 4 seconds to treat. Herpotherm is a multiple-use device, 100% clinically and dermatologist tested and lasts for years.

Herpotherm is dermatologist tested in Europe and is an effective and chemical-free way for relieving or preventing cold sore outbreaks. This electronic lipstick device is small, compact and discreet and can be easily carried around for use at any time. Treatment is only 4 seconds and works by using concentrated heat. Both adults and children can use Herpotherm for their cold sore outbreaks.

How do I use Herpotherm?
Take the cap off Herpotherm and place the gold-plated heat tip on the area of the mouth affected. Then press the button. The heating-up phase will begin, marked by an acoustic signal. After 4 seconds, a light diode shows when the required temperature of Herpotherm has been reached. The treatment time lasts about 4 seconds. The acoustic signal will then sound a to mark the end of the treatment. The light diode will go out. You can then remove Herpotherm from the affected area.

Multiple treatments with the Herpotherm are possible and should be carried out in accordance with the circumstances (such as lingering or repeated occurrence of the symptoms). Most users repeat the 4-second treatment a few times a day during when they feel a coldsore coming on. If the symptoms linger you may continue the treatment 2-3 times a day as required.
To prevent an outbreak occurring, Herpotherm should be used as soon as you detect the first symptoms of a cold sore e.g. tingling, prickly sensation and itchiness of the affected area, Herpotherm can still be used after this stage to minimise an outbreak and the appearance of colds sore blisters.

How does Herpotherm work?
Herpotherm treats cold sores with the help of concentrated heat (50-51º C) which, when applied at the tingling phase can prevent blisters forming and significantly reduce further symptoms (prickly sensation, burns, itchiness, feeling of tightness, pain).

In dermatological testing* of Herpotherm the formation of blisters were prevented in 100% of test subjects when used at the tingling stage. When used at a later stage of the cold sore, the Herpotherm resulted in a less serious and shorter outbreak and/or reduced symptoms. See Herpotherm Research Pages for more information.

Benefits of Herpotherm include:

  • Multiple-use device: no need to use any other treatment!
  • Effective: 100% clinically proven by dermatologists.
  • Fast & simple: only takes 4 seconds to treat your cold sore.
  • Compact & discreet: take anywhere in your handbag or pocket.
  • Chemical-free: no interactions.
  • Suitable for people with chrome-nickel allergies.
  • Lasts for years.

Always read the label. Use as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

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