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Herpotherm Testimonials

Hope this helps someone else out there

I used to get cold sores on my mouth a few times a year. I travel to Europe often, and while in Germany a couple years ago, a friend told me about this lipstick-size device called the Herpotherm, that supposedly stopped cold sores before they appeared. I doubted it, but bought one anyway. That was 2 years ago, and I haven’t had a single outbreak once. I’ll still get the tingling every few months, but I then place the Herpotherm on the tingling spot, hit the button, and the device heats up for 4 seconds to a temperature high enough to disrupt the virus, yet low enough to not burn. In every instant, the virus never appears. I did have a cold sore appear during the night twice, so that when I woke up, it was already a small red spot. However, both times, the Herpotherm quickly stopped it at that stage, and it totally went away within a day.

I’m sure the device doesn’t actually remove the virus from the body; it’s only able to prevent it from appearing. But for me, not having outbreaks is good enough for me. I’ve actually purchased two of them, one for my travel bag, so I’m never without it, and one for home.

It’s battery operated (uses a standard camera 3V CR2 battery). To treat the cold sore you push a button, put it on your skin, wait 4 seconds, and that’s it. They say once is enough, but I just zap myself a few extra times, just to be sure. Hope this helps someone else out there.

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