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Milky Foot FAQs

What is Milky Foot?

Milky Foot is an intense, at-home exfoliation treatment that will leave your feet looking and feeling rejuvenated. It is the easiest way to exfoliate and moisturise your feet. Milky Foot removes hardened skin, softens cracks and calluses and moisturises your feet.

How is Milky Foot different from other foot exfoliating products?

Milky Foot is effortless way to exfoliate and soften your skin. It requires no filing, ointments or other time-consuming treatments. Simply wear the Milky Foot "socks" for one hour and, 3-7 days later, hardened skin and calluses will just peel off your feet naturally. In 2-3 weeks, your feet will be soft and smooth.

How do I use Milky Foot?

Milky Foot consists of two plastic socks. Simply wear these socks with regular socks over the top. After 1 hour rinse your feet and wait a few days for the dead and hardened skin to fall off.

What does Milky Foot contain?

Milky Foot's unique active ingredient ExMilac works by using enzymes that help break down the hardened protein in dry, scaly skin. Milky Foot also contains additional exfoliating agents; alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) to help break down dead skin cells, amino acids to moisturise the skin and herbal extracts such as Aloe Vera, Calendula and Camomile to soothe and calm the skin.

When will the exfoliating process be completed?

We find that with most people the peeling starts around 5 days and in 3-7 weeks it should be finished. It is therefore recommended that you use Milky Foot a few weeks before an event to have your feet looking beautifully soft.

How long will my feet stay soft and smooth?

Individual results may vary however, we recommend Milky Foot is used every 2 months to keep feet looking and feeling smooth and soft.

Some exfoliating products can be painful. Does Milky Foot hurt?

No, there is no pain either during application or later when the dead skin peels off. If skin irritation does occur, then you should stop using immediately.

How much does Milky Foot cost and what sizes are available?

Milky Foot costs $29.95 for a regular size, $29.95 for a large size and $32.95 for Milky Foot Active, much cheaper than a visit to a salon. The regular size fits up to womens size 9, large is fits womens size 9-13 and mens size 7-11. Milky Foot Active is also available in one size (up to size 11 for men, size 13 for women).

Can I use Milky Foot if I'm pregnant?

No, we recommend you do not use in pregnancy or if you suffer circulatory problems especially those common in diabetes.

Can I use Milky Foot if I'm breastfeeding?

Yes, it is ok to use Milky Foot during breastfeeding (however as mentioned above, it is not recommended during pregnancy.

Can I use Milky Foot on my child?

No, we do not recommend Milky Foot to anyone aged under 3 years of age.

Are there any other precautions?

If you have a history of skin allergy such as eczema, nail fungal infection or open wounds, we recommend you consult your healthcare practitioner.

What’s the difference between Milky Foot and Milky Foot Active?

Milky Foot Active is a new addition to the Milky Foot range. Like Milky Foot, it contains ExMilac (milk ferment filtrate) and almond-based Mandelic Acid to peel away hardened, dead skin and soften feet, however it also contains Tannic Acid (tea derivative) to fight foot odour. So if you want to have fresh-smelling feet, as well as softer, moisturised feet, than try Milky Foot Active. Milky Foot Active is also available in one size (up to size 11 for men, size 13 for women).

Can I use Milky Foot Active if I have sensitive skin?

Milky Foot Active contains salicylic acid. It is not recommended for those with very sensitive skin or those who are hypersensitive to salicylic acid.

What size is Milky Foot Active available in?

Milky Foot Active is available in one size: up to size 11 for men, size 13 for women.

Where can I purchase Milky Foot Active?

Milky Foot Active is currently available in Chemist Warehouse and will be available in Priceline shortly.

What if I have completed a Milky Foot application and my feet have not yet peeled. What should I do?

For most people the peeling starts from 3 days but it can take up to a maximum of 7 days for it to start for others. If the peeling has not started after 3-4 days, we recommend soaking your feet in warm soapy water for 3 nights. If you see no signs of peeling 7 days after application please call BioRevive on 1300 790 978.