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Milky Foot Testimonials

Cannot explain how good this product is!

Take a look at this non-sponsored editorial video above from the lovely Kyra in Melbourne, other beauty reviews by Kyra are available on Youtube.
Kyra, Melbourne, VIC.

My feet looked amazing.

After being told by my physio, I had the worst cracked feet he had ever seen, I didn’t think anything could help. Within a couple of weeks after using Milky Foot, my feet looked amazing. And best of all, 3 months later they still look great.
Caroline, Melbourne, VIC.

Be prepared this stuff really works!

Be prepared this stuff really works! Milky Foot is an amazing home foot treatment that is a really easy way to exfoliate your tootsies and get them looking Summer-sandal-and-flip-flop-ready! Here’s the skinny: You place your feet into the exfoliating pouches filled with the Milky Foot  solution (the special ingredient is ExMilac that is a Milk Ferment Filtrate) that removes hardened skin and softens cracks and calluses. You need to keep your feet in the pouches for 60 minutes so makes sure you do it at a time when you will have minimal interruptions. (I did my Milky Foot treatment late at night when my three-year-old and baby were in bed!) The treatment makes your feet feel lovely and over the next three weeks after it your feet will start to peel. I did wonder whether it would work but about five days after I did the Milky Foot, the skin started to come away and still is (it has been about two weeks since I did the home treatment). Just let the skin come off naturally and your feet will start to look tip-top.
Emily, Remarkably Great.

I love, love, love Milky Foot!!!

I love, love, love Milky Foot!!! I am so happy. My feet have started peeling and the skin that is showing through the gunk coming off looks like my baby grandson’s feet. Thank you.
Bev, VIC.

This is without a doubt the best foot product on the market for removing dead skin & eliminating cracked heels!

I have used ‘baby foot’ and the results were good, but the results from MILKY FOOT were 100 times better. I have used pumice, foot balms and the numerous files and scrapers on the market. Milky foot beats them all, by miles. Today – a week after application – my feet have peeled completely and they have NEVER looked and felt softer. I am over the moon!
Kim, NSW.

I've been using Milky Foot for a while now and have always been impressed.

I tried so many products on the market but none would soften the hardened skin on my heels. Then I tried Milky Foot – I couldn’t believe how effectively it removed that stubborn, hard, dead skin from around my heels. It was amazing!! Noticeably soft, smooth heels with one easy application. Now I use Milky Foot every couple of months to keep my feet looking beautiful. Thanks Milky Foot!!
Belinda, NSW.

It works!

It works! My soles have peeled off totally after two weeks.
Vivian, Overseas.

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