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Effective Relief for Snoring.

Nozovent is clinically proven to improve sleep for snorers in over 70% of patients*. It is a small device designed to fit in the nostrils and is made from “springy” plastic. When placed in the nostrils, Nozovent widens them and so that airflow is increased through the nose. As a result snoring can be significantly reduced or stopped.

What to use it for
Snoring not only disturbs other people’s sleep, it also affects the snorer’s sleep quality, well-being and health.

Nozovent simply fits in the nostrils and is made from “springy” flexible plastic. When placed in the narrowest part of the soft section of the nasal channels, Nozovent widens the nostrils so that airflow is increased through the nose. This means the soft palate does not vibrate as easily. As a result, breathing is easier and less energy is needed to breathe so that snoring is significantly reduced or stopped.

Instructions For Use:  Squeeze the flat sections or “wings” between your index finger and thumb. Insert one wing into each nostril.As the material in Nozovent gradually loses its spring, its properties and benefit will successively decline. We therefore recommend that you regularly replace your Nozovent with a new one after four to six weeks’ use.


* Refer to Nozovent Research pages for more information.

Always read the label. Use as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.


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    "Nozovent has for me become indispensable in ensuring a good night's sleep."

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    Nozovent has been subject to extensive clinical testing in many different countries.

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