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Tears Again

Tears Again FAQs

What is dry eye? 

Dry eye occurs when the eye lacks sufficient lubrication, causing discomfort with each blink. Symptoms can include a scratchy, irritated feeling of the eyelid running over the front of the eye. The lack of lubrication on the eye surface is due to an imbalance of the outer layer of the tear film, which contains essential fatty compounds. This is called the lipid layer, which is responsible for controlling tear evaporation from the eye’s surface.

What causes dry eye? 

Dry eye can afflict anyone of any age, but it is more common as we get older. Other known triggers of dry eye include:

Climatic conditions (eg.low humidity, air-conditioning)
Medications (eg. oral contraceptives, beta blockers)
Contact Lenses
Rheumatism and arthritis
Lifestyle (eg. prolonged computer use, flying, eye surgery)

How does Tears Again work?

Tears Again addresses the underlying causes of dry eye, a deficiency in the lipid layer. By delivering phospholipids, essential fatty acids, oil acids and vitamin E via liposomal application, tearsagain® assists in stabilising the eye’s lipid layer and thus reducing tear evaporation.

Tears Again is sprayed onto the closed eye, how does it actually get into the eye’s surface?

Concentration of the essential compounds on the eyes’ lid margins. They collect on the lid margins then each time you blink they are carried onto the surface of the eye.

Can I use Tears Again whilst I’m wearing eye make up?

Yes, absolutely. Tears Again will not disturb your eye make up at all, even your mascara!

How about if I’m wearing contact lenses? 

Tears Again can be applied whilst you are wearing your contact lenses. There is no need to remove them before spraying Tears Again onto your closed eye. 

Can I use Tears Again if I have recently had eye surgery?

Yes, that is perfectly okay. Tears Again is ideal for those who have recently had eye surgery as it is very easy to apply.

Can I use Tears Again if I have cataracts? 

Yes, there are no contraindications noted with Tears Again

Can I use Tears Again if I have glaucoma? 

Yes, there are no contraindications noted with Tears Again