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BioRevive Supports Safe Listening & Hear Loss Prevention with Vicdeaf

“One in four Australians using Portable Music Devices likely to develop permanent Hearing Loss – BioRevive’s Philanthropy Partner for 2015- Vicdeaf”* The team at BioRevive and CleanEars were very concerned to learn the impact portable music devices can have on a person’s hearing. “We decided to find out more and want to share with you […]

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BioRevive Partners with Children’s Ground To Help Australia’s Disadvantaged

BioRevive are very proud to announce we have become an official partner of Children’s Ground, who have introduced a groundbreaking and inspiring new approach for Aboriginal communities living in disadvantage. Children’s Ground provide tailored support programs to Aboriginal families so they can raise resilient, happy children. Children’s Ground believe they can break the cycle of […]

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Cough couple

Tis’ the season to be coughing!

Now the weather is beginning to cool, coughs and colds are in abundance. So why do we cough and what can we do about it. Coughing is often a symptom of the common cold, allergies and/or smoking.  However, a cough can also be a symptom of a serious illness or a side-effect of a medicine e.g. gastro-esophageal reflux (heartburn), anxiety […]

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We take our ears for granted!

We take our ears for granted. We need them to hear, to be balanced, and sometimes to wear jewellery! We need ear wax to deter small insects from entering our ears, and to trap dust. Ear wax is secreted by special glands in the skin of the outer ear canal. Never use a cotton bud […]

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