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Quick Winter Tips For Children’s Coughs and Colds.

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Looking after a sick kid can be tiring for all the family and sleep within the household can be challenged.

Upper respiratory tract infections in kids are often associated with poor immune function, which may be a result of a growth or development phase. All too often your child’s sleep patterns may be disturbed due to changes such as teething, or a consequence of an immune challenge such as a vaccination.

So when an infection in a young child occurs, it needs careful management. Here are some quick tips for looking after your child and his/her immunity this winter:

  • Frequently monitor your child’s responsiveness, energy levels, fluid intake and temperature.
  • Seek a doctor’s diagnosis to ensure you are providing the right treatment.
  • Paracetamol can be used to reduce fever.
  • Apply a gentle chest rub and massage to soothe and comfort your child.
  • If you feel a cough syrup is required, always check that is suitable for children and has been clinically tested – if in doubt ask your pharmacist


A child’s cough needs to be supported, because the cough reflex is under-developed in a young child. Making their phlegm less viscous (sticky) is a primary aim. An expectorantrelieves thins and expels mucous. Giving your child a chest rub will help keeps the upper chest warm and the act of gentle massage comforts a child who isn’t well. Just don’t forget to check that any products used for this purpose are also suitable for children.

And when in doubt, use your health professional network, so that any change in your child’s health can be monitored as required.