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Fascinating Footwear

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Shoes began as a practical need, over time shoe designers have become just as concerned with art as they are with functionality, it’s because of this shoes have made their way into the history books. It’s true – without the right shoes history just wouldn’t be the same…

⁃ In the original ‘Wizard of Oz’ novel, Dorothy wore silver slippers. MGM changed the colour to take advantage of the new Technicolor film process and so were born Dorothy’s famous Ruby Slippers.
⁃ The ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ worn by Elvis Presley when singing the iconic song actually belonged to one of his roadies, Joe Esposito. Elvis wore them three times in 1956 on national US television when performing the song. They were recently sold for $55,000.
⁃ The story of Cinderella and her lost glass slipper is very old. A similar version has been found in Ancient Greek literature around 7 BC when a Greek slave girl married the king of Egypt. The famous glass slippers didn’t enter the tale until 1697 as a French addition by Charles Perrault.
⁃ Shoe designer to the stars, Salvatore Ferragamo invented cork wedges during WW2. Steel, traditionally used to reinforce heels was in short supply, so an alternative was created using cork from Sardinia. Wedges have recently come back into fashion and anyone that has worn them knows how light and easy they are to walk in.
⁃ Dr Marten shoes were invented by Dr. Klaus Maertens in 1940 following a skiing accident. His army boots were not properly supporting his injured foot, so he created his own shoe. The brand, subsequently bought by the Grigg family in England has gone on to become one of the most enduring shoe styles in the world.

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