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OsteoArthritis – A weighty issue

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Osteoarthritis is on the rise. As the leading cause of pain and disability in Australia it affects around 1.8 million people of whom almost two thirds are women. The most interesting development in our understanding of this debilitating condition is the parallel between the increase in osteoarthritis and obesity levels.

Recent studies show just how much our joints are affected by the load we expect them to carry. Compared to 1995, the number of obese Australians in 2012 has increased by 47%. Alongside of this, between 2000 and 2008 knee replacements increased by 67% and hip replacements by 40%. (Knee and hip replacements are almost universally completed on account of osteoarthritis.) Of course there are other health issues that influence the development of osteoarthritis. Poor muscle tone, joint injuries and occupational overuse are also very real risk factors.

But the message is clear – to avoid serious health issues (like osteoarthritis) a healthy body weight is vital. Alongside this, it is vitally important to preserve as much muscle mass as possible. Not only does muscle support the body, it also metabolises food. So exercise and strength are as important to health as weight.

For existing sufferers of osteoarthritis it can be extremely difficult to find the will to exercise in the face of chronic pain, so pain management becomes critical. Effective pain management opens the door to tackling the condition. With pain minimised exercise becomes possible.

Many people however don’t like the idea of taking pain killers on a daily basis. These too have side effects that can create their own problems. Loading the body with drugs is not anyone’s ideal. BioRevive offers a more natural alternative. Nagestic Osteo uses Cumerone® an advanced bioactive curcumin formulation that effectively assists in pain management. There is even an acute formulation to help control flare-ups.

If you are interested in learning how Nagestic Osteo might help you control pain in a more natural way, read about it on our Brands page. Our FAQ’s page explains in simple to understand language how this product works.

For an effective long term pain solution try Nagestic Osteo.