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6 Ways to Stop Dry Feet this Winter

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In winter our feet are often forgotten, and that can leave us with dry and unsightly feet when we want to step out in spring.

These are some great tips to maintain your soft and beautiful feet all year round:

  1. Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated internally helps the entire body function properly, including your skin and nails. Avoiding dehydrating drinks like coffee, sugary drinks and alcohol can also help you and your feet stay hydrated.
  2. If you are wearing socks, try to stick to ones with natural fabrics like cotton and wool. Avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible as they can lead to your feet sweating and creating foot odour.
  3. Wash and dry your feet thoroughly every day with soap and water. Keeping your feet clean can help prevent foot odour, and drying your feet thoroughly can prevent other unpleasant problems like fungal infections.
  4. Give your feet a rest by wearing flat and comfortable shoes every other day. Wearing high heels or shoes that are too tight may look nice, but can cause bunions, corns and cracked heels.
  5. It may be tempting to dip your feet into a boiling hot foot bath when you are feeling cold and tired at the end of the day; however, hot water can pull out moisture from your feet causing dry patches. To avoid drying out your feet, it’s best to use warm water with some essential oils to relax, and to moisturise your feet after a soak or shower.
  6. Treat your feet to a foot peel. Milky Foot is perfect in winter, as the peeling removes all the dry and hard outer layers of skin. Often in summer wearing thongs or other open shoes can create hard and dry callouses on the bottom of our feet. A foot peel can reveal fresh new skin making your feet soft and beautiful all year round.