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Melbourne-based natural
medicine & device company

BioRevive believes that an active life is a happy life,
and everyone deserves to be happy. Our products keep
you active, and therefore happy.

We are a Melbourne-based natural medicine and device company. As a family business, we sell and distribute natural, innovative and effective health brands for all Australians. Our products are available through pharmacy, online and through other selected channels.

Our leading brands provide solutions for a variety of commonly experienced health and beauty difficulties. These include inflammation (Nageze), Osteoarthritis (Nageze), natural hangover relief (Hydrodol), innovative at home pedicure treatment (Milky Foot Exfoliating Socks), Ear wax removal device for kids and adults (CleanEars), PBS listed dry eyes spray (Tears Again), Natural mouth ulcer relief (MouthUlcer 212), natural coldsore capsules (LipRevive 232) and snoring device (Nozovent).

Biorevive’s suite of products is available through all good pharmacies around Australia. We have a team of territory managers and a head office which service the country. We hope our site helps make your brand selection easy and provides you with some useful and relevant health information. To learn about our products please see the Brand pages, and to buy please follow the prompts to the websites and their e-commerce platforms.