Staff Profile - Hugh Crothers


L: Hugh (RHS) and partner Matt (RHS). R: Hugh’s BR Avatar

What is your name, role and how long have you worked at BioRevive?
Hugh Crothers, and I started working at BioRevive in 2016. As a family member however, I can remember spending plenty of school holidays and university breaks in the warehouse or stuffing marketing materials into envelopes for pocket money.

What’s your favourite BioRevive product and why?
I have two favourite products, Hydrodol Before capsules & Nageze Joint Pain. My partner and I take them both loyally as we are in our early-mid 30s and trying to keep our exercise regimes intact. We both play a lot of sport and I find Nageze Joint Pain fantastic for DOMS and general soreness from exercise. Hydrodol, both of us also rely on for those early mornings to get to the gym or our for a run.

What do you find funniest about working in a family business?
Being able to see each other every day (even if it is on Teams/Zoom) and try and build a business together is unique and I feel very lucky. Now, both my brothers have families, and having little kids interrupt our video calls or Friday night video drinks as we all work from home is pretty cute/funny.

What have you enjoyed most during the lock down?
The traffic. Hoddle street feels like the ‘Rainbow Road’ in Nintendo 64 Mario Kart. I actually avoid side streets now to get onto Hoddle street, it’s just the best, try it! Other than that… there isn’t heaps to enjoy. Definitely reading more… I just finished Dead Wake by Eric Larson, highly recommend.

What are you most looking forward to post lockdown at work/and on the weekends?
At work, to see people IRL again. The ideas/creative conversations you have at work between meetings don’t happen at the moment. I also miss our work coffee machine and the $10 Pizza special at the Grand Hotel in Richmond too, that was a regular Friday lunch venue for us, so can’t wait to get back there together.

For weekends, I can’t wait to go to the pub, back to the gym and a little weekend away visiting friends. I miss socialising, getting out, going camping, weekends away… I certainly feel like I’ll be saying ‘yes’ to most things once this is over.