Staff Profile: The Boss, Nick Crothers

 Pictured - Nick with son Frank

What is your name, role and how long have you worked at BioRevive? 

Nick Crothers, General (Middle Child) Manager, I have been involved on and off since day 1, stuffing envelopes, filing and picking & packing orders in the warehouse since I was about 15 but I began my most recent stint in 2015.  

What’s your favourite BioRevive product and why? 

A few years ago I would have said Hydrodol Before Caps but now it’s a combination of Nageze Joint Pain for that daily anti-inflammatory goodness and Hydrodol After for an energy boost.  

What do you find funniest about working in a family business?

Funny ‘haha’ or funny weird? Funny Haha - I used to wrestle with, fart on and share a bath with the other two senior leaders at my work.  Funny weird – sometimes I still do 🤼🛀💨    

What have you enjoyed most during last year's 2nd lock down? 

Getting little hangouts with my two-year-old Frank during the work day. A cheeky 2 minute play or snack – we both love a mini b-ball hoop, a Savoy with cheese and a Moana dance break 🎵 🥥 🌴 You’re welcome! 🌴 🥥 🎵  

What are you most looking forward to about 2021? 

Bringing back Social-Nick. Dad-Nick and Work-Nick have been dominating, Social-Nick is ready to hit the town again! 🕺