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2001 – present

BioRevive Pty Ltd was founded in 2001 based on University research into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and metabolic disorders. The inspiration was to research beyond the traditional western medical approach to the symptoms and provide solutions that addressed the multi factorial symptoms in a new way; to provide an alternative to conservative treatments that focuses on synthetic pharmaceuticals.

(William Crothers (Snr) had been introducing innovative medical devices to specialist doctors and hospitals in anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency care for over a decade both in Australia and internationally.)

BioRevive commenced selling customised amino acid formulas from a compounding pharmacist based on consumer’s pathology tests. This evolved into a broad range of formulas and then a premium, natural health house of brands that could deliver great products via pharmacy to our consumers. Our research on fatigue led to us developing the inaugural brand Alcodol (now Hydrodol) and products for the resolution of Mouth Ulcers and our latest brand Nageze, a natural analgesic, in lieu of taking paracetamol and non-steroidal anti inflammatories.

BioRevive continues to invest in research to develop more unique and innovative products that are natural, where possible of organic origin and will enhance the lives and well being of its users.

Bio Revive is a 100% family owned and managed business. Our vision is to promote improved health and wellness with natural products that have no damaging side effects.

Bio Revive is a 100%
family owned and
managed business.