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We create simple, innovative and effective solutions to everyday maladies to help you live an active life; the Active Life Enabler.

We know when something is wrong, we want to fix it. When we’re sick, we want to treat it. We look to kill the bug. Mend the break.

But, what happens beyond the bug, beyond the break?

We believe life is about so much more than a heartbeat, breath, or bone.

Our simple, innovative and effective solutions to everyday maladies are designed to help you live an active life, head to toe.

Because when you’re completely well – rather than just “mended”– you’ll have the energy to make ‘yes’ more common than no.

At BioRevive, we started saying ‘yes’ 18 years ago. Yes to simple solutions made well. Yes to balancing the body with innovative methods backed by research. Yes to a zero-harm philosophy. And yes to living more active lives, physically, mentally and socially (because we also say yes to a glass of wine with dinner).

Saying yes is easy, when you have your full body behind you.

Our simple, innovative and effective solutions to everyday maladies are designed to help you live an active life, head to toe.

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Hydrodol – Natural hangover relief, taken while drinking.


Created 16 years ago, Hydrodol has its roots firmly based in research. What started as a study into chronic fatigue syndrome at the University of Newcastle uncovered an amino acid formula that not only helped “rebalance” bodies but could also help relieve hangovers. A mixture of vitamins, minerals and herbs when then added and that’s when the magic happened – Hydrodol (originally known as Alcodol) was born.

The Hydrodol range has since grown to include both capsules and powder sachets, meaning there’s a form of Hydrodol for everyone, for every occasion. We recommend taking either one dose of four Hydrodol capsules with your first drink, or one Hydrodol sachet mixed in with water before that delicious glass of wine hits your lips.

Designed to relieve the symptoms of hangovers, Hydrodol is most effective if taken just before drinking or with your first drink and only if a moderate amount of alcohol (1-6 drinks) is consumed.

Milky Foot is a luxurious exfoliating foot treatment that removes rough, dry and flaky skin after just one application, in the comfort of your home.

Remove rough, dry and flaky skin in just one application with Milky Foot, a pampering foot treatment that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Quick and easy to use, with results you can actually see as your skin gently peels away, the Milky Foot range is formulated with milk ferment filtrate, mandelic acid (derived from almond milk) and plant extracts to soften and smooth the feet.

No effort required and no tiresome foot filing or messy ointments – Milky Foot does all the work for you!

Nageze – A daily anti-inflammatory that relieves pain naturally.


Based on traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western Medicine, Nageze products are specifically formulated to relieve pain naturally through the inhibition of inflammatory pathways.

Made from the highest quality, natural ingredients including Turmeric BetaSorb® and TermiPain®, Nageze is a natural approach to inflammation and relieving the symptoms of inflammation, thereby helping to reconnect you every day.

CleanEars – A simple 2-in-1 solution to ear wax.


Clinically tested and backed by Australian Hearing, CleanEars dissolves ear wax and irrigates the ear canal in one simple application.

A safer and more effective alternative to using cotton buds, CleanEars contains natural ingredients and no preservatives whatsoever. The simple spray application involves no head tilting, no syringing and no waiting around – simply spray 1-2 times in each ear and go.

CleanEars is suitable for anyone experiencing impacted ear wax – children from 2 months, adults and patients with removable hearing aids.

Tears Again – The only PBS listed dry eyes spray.

Tears Again BioRevive

An easy and effective way to treat dry eyes, Tears Again is your bathroom cupboard and handbag essential - perfect whether you wear glasses or contacts, or even if you simply experience dry, itchy eyes.

When sprayed onto a closed eyelid, Tears Again stabilises the outer layer of the tear film, helping to reduce excessive tear evaporation whilst providing lubrication for itchy eyes. Simply hold approximately 10cm from your face and spray onto the closed eye 1-2 times.

DeoSole® – An odour destroying carbon shoe patch.


Destroy foot and shoe odour with DeoSole, a shoe patch that combines a unique carbon laminate with innovative odour-neutralising technology to offer up to 3 months protection against foot odour.

Easy to apply and discreetly placed in the arch area of the shoe, DeoSole is ideal for all footwear and is comfortable to wear without slippage.

Unlike other anti-odour products, DeoSole contains no chemicals or fragrances. Rather than mask the smell, DeoSole aims to take the smell away.

Mouth Ulcer 212 – fast-acting capsules providing relief from mouth ulcers.

A common side effect of stress, vitamin deficiency, poor immune systems, and certain medical treatments including immunosuppressant and chemotherapy, mouth ulcers may be easily, quickly and effectively relieved with Mouth Ulcer 212 capsules.

The combination of vitamins B, C and E, along with zinc and folic acid, aids wound healing, supports immunity and maintains tissue integrity during inflammation.

On discovering a mouth ulcer, simply take two capsules once per day for two days.

Nozovent – Clinically shown to prevent snoring.


Simple and easy to use, Nozovent is a nifty device that fits comfortably in the nostrils to aid airflow and prevent snoring.

Inexpensive and reusable for up to six weeks, Nozovent provides immediate results by significantly reducing or stopping snoring, sleep apnoea and nocturnal asthma.

Available in two sizes from leading pharmacies.

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