CleanEars – Ear Wax Removal Spray 30ml

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What is CleanEars?

CleanEars is a 2-in-1 solution that dissolves earwax and irrigates the ear canal.

A safer alternative to cotton buds, CleanEars is applied via its non-intrusive spray nozzle to prevent ear plugging. CleanEars is perfect for people with removable hearing aids who experience excess earwax and ear wax impaction.

How does CleanEars work?

Squalene has a similar composition to ear wax but in liquid form. When it is sprayed into the ear, it collides with the wax and partially liquefies it.

Mineral oil then irrigates the ear and removes the liquified ear wax, while spearmint oil warms the ear canal and provides a pleasant odour.

Who can use CleanEars?

CleanEars is suitable for adults and children aged over 2 months, including people with removable hearing aids.


  • Prevents ear plugging
  • Safer alternative to cotton buds
  • Safety spray nozzle
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • No head tilting
  • No syringing
  • No preservatives
  • No peanut oil
  • No cotton buds required


Apply 1-2 sprays into each ear 3 times per day until wax dissolves.
Use once a week for maintenance to keep ears clean.


CleanEars contains squalene (derived from olive oil), mineral oil and spearmint oil.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Elizabeth L
Very effective

after a few days of using 3 times a day, I'm surprised how much wax is appearing on my cotton buds each day. Very happy.

MaggieMay (Originally posted on
Better than drops�

This is much better to use than drops, more convenient and so easy.

M Delange (Originally posted on
Good product�

Great product, very effective. You do need to have a napkin ready when using so it is not really spray and go.

Rube (Originally posted on
Very effective and easy to use.�

I 've been using Clean Ears for a couple of years now and it's a real winner for me. Always does the job. Would recommend it to anyone.

ferryDavid (Originally posted on
Doesn't work�

Doesn't work for my wife who has a different sort of ear canal