DryEars – Swimmer's Ear Prevention Spray 30ml

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What is DryEars?

DryEars Spray is a solution that helps to prevent infection and inflammation of the ear canal that can be caused by water exposure, causing Swimmer’s Ear.

No need for ear drops, head tilting or waiting times, just spray DryEars into each ear after water exposure to dry out the excess moisture and restore normal pH to the ear canal and prevent any microbial growth.

How does DryEars work?

Ethanol (alcohol) mixes with the water in the ear to help it evaporate. Glycerol (glycerin) prevents the skin from drying out while acetic acid helps to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Spearmint oil provides a pleasant odour and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help kill bacteria.

Who can use DryEars?

DryEars is suitable for adults and children aged over 3 years.


  • No preservatives
  • Effective and easy to use prevention spray
  • No head tilting or waiting times
  • Fast acting


Apply 1-2 sprays in each ear directly after exposure to water.

For best results use immediately after bathing, showering, swimming, diving or other aquatic activities.


DryEars Spray contains ethanol (alcohol), glycerol (glycerin), acetic acid and spearmint oil.

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Customer Reviews

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DryEars Spray - Swimmer's Ear Prevention Spray 30ml

Jan McKay
Best drops yet.

Thank goodness I’ve found this product. I swim every day and the crackling was driving me nuts, even though I was using various other products. These work!

Best Swimmers Ear prevention!

This is the best product on the market for a post swim ear treatment to prevent swimmers ear. As a SCUBA diver, surfer and open water swimmer i have tried countless products and find DryEars to be the most effective product and the easiest to use. The spray application goes deep into the ear canal without having to tilt your head or lay down. There is no nasty burning or stinging and it works very quickly. I was worried about the bottle leaking in my bag because of the nozzle but I have had no leaks or breaks! Very happy with this product!

Works Fantastically after laps

I swim laps a few times a week and this has become a staple after the pool. It is a simple spray rather than annoying drops which leak out of your ear. Lasts a few months and stores easy in my swim bag.