And the award goes to...Milky Foot!

For the second year running, Milky Foot has won the Beauty Heaven’s Best in Beauty Award for Best Foot Treatment and the 2018 Best in Beauty Editors’ Choice Award.

We’d like to congratulate Milky Foot for transforming feet all over Australia, one-foot exfoliation peel at a time. This one’s for you, our fellow peelers!

We’ve been making news recently with the Triple M Hot Breakfast show talking about their Milky Foot treatments and now the ABC show, Get Krak!n.

On Wednesday night, Get Krak!n, the hosts of this satire TV breakfast show sat down and applied their ‘Creamy Foot’ - an obvious replica of Milky Foot!

To watch this hilarious parody from Get Krak!in, click here

And for your own Milky Foot experience, visit our website!