2.0 – One Stop Shop!

Have you ever wanted to buy Mouth Ulcer and Nageze from us directly in the one transaction? CleanEars and Milky Foot to arrive on your doorstep together? Nozovent, Ears and Tears, oh my! Now you can at!

That’s right, we have upgraded our website to make it super simple to buy all our unique products in the one convenient location. You can now save on shipping and have everything delivered directly to your front door, anywhere in Australia. How great is that!?

We’ve also added AfterPay and ZipPay, along with PayPal, Visa & MasterCard options to give you more variety in how you want to pay when checking out.

We have standard and express delivery options nationwide meaning you can get your favourite products sooner. Any order over $50 the shipping is on us. How good is that?

You can still buy Hydrodol and Nageze from their respective websites but now, if you ever want to add a Milky Foot or a Odour Gone to your order, you can bundle them together at! We have even now got products which we have never previously sold directly to customers such as Nozovent, our clinically proven anti-snoring nasal dilator – way better than a pillow in the face 😉

We’ve kept all the usual suspects from the previous site such as the BioTimes, BioTribe sign up, FAQs and contact page. Check it out today. 😊