CleanEars is a proud supporter of the Australian Deaf Games 2024



BioRevive CleanEars is again sponsoring the Australian Deaf Games as part of our ongoing efforts to support the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities in Australia. 

The 2024 Games are particularly special as it marks 60 years of the Australian Deaf Games. 

The games kick off on the 13th of January 2024 in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie NSW, and we at CleanEars are eagerly counting down to the week of community, connection and incredible achievement. 


What makes CleanEars a great choice for Deaf and hard of hearing people?

  • It's easy-to-use, fast and effective – simply spray & go
  • Contains natural ingredients, no preservatives
  • 2-in-1 formula dissolves earwax AND irrigates the ear canal 
  • Suitable for children and babies 2 months and up 

Also at the games – Meet DryEars


DryEars Swimmer's Ear Prevention Spray:

1. Dries out excess moisture
2. Inhibits infection


    Did you know?

    Many swimmers at the 2018 Games loved the convenience of CleanEars and asked us to make a similar product to dry out their ears (many were using hairdryers!). So we created DryEars!


    DryEars is perfect for:

    Anyone whose ears are exposed to water, in particular:

    Who enjoy Swimming, Surfing and Water Sports
    Children 3+
    Doing swimming lessons or water recreation
    Removable hearing aid wearers
    Engaging in hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics and other water activities