Mooooovin' on up

We don’t usually get thanked by animals, so we couldn’t wait to share this feel-good story! Our customer, Kim, found Nageze reduced her husband’s pain so well that it was worth trying on the rest of her family...

“Thank you on all accounts! Firstly on behalf of our cow, Annie. Our property is quite rocky/hilly even where it does not appear steep you huff and puff haha. Anyway, Annie was not going anywhere and she was not placing any weight on her foot. The pain was clearly exacerbated when she sat down and then struggled to stand back up.

We started her on two capsules and then three and then moved her to four capsules a day and was wondering about moving her to five but not sure so thought we would keep with four for a bit longer. She has, for the last two days been actually walking; albeit carefully but actually walking and now getting around so much better. Thank you so much for those capsules you sent! I will give our goat Jakey one from today as I am certain it will help his arthritis.”

We absolutely love hearing about our customer's experiences with our products, so get in touch if you have your own. And stay tuned for an update on Jakey!