Milky Foot - Treat your Feet in Lock Down

We saw a spike in social posting, online sales and in store sales for Milky Foot over April and May. With all beauty salons closed, people were looking for an effective foot treatment to keep those hoofs in shape during the lock down.

We had some great peeling content posted and one group people even created a Milky Foot Zoom party posted to Instagram on one of those (many) Saturday nights-in. Check out our Instagram profile here to see some of the content created during this time; a slight warning if seeing peeling skin isn’t for you, maybe don’t click through.

Thanks for everyone who bought Milky Foot during this time, posted about it and supported us. You can see the full Milky Foot range available here. We’re still offering 3 for the price of 2 on our website across the range as a COVID-at-home special.