BioRevive launches new online Rewards Program!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at BioRevive HQ getting our first ever rewards program up and running on our!  

Now our loyal customers can benefit from purchasing with us online, every time. Simply sign up as a member and start earning 'BR Points'. Like your coffee shop loyalty card, your purchases and shout outs earn you points which save you cash! You receive 1 Point for every $1 spent and there are also extra ways to earn via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Once you’ve earned 10 points you’ll be able to redeem a dollar off your next purchase. Earn 100 points and that's $10 off! Earn a thousand and that's $100 off! There is no limit to how many BR points you can earn! 

Create an account here (you’ll even get 5 points simply creating the account) and start earning today!