Sachets 2.0


Many of the products you know and love from the BioRevive family have moved away from blisters and foil into new convenient sachet formats. Apart from looking great, they are also convenient to take our products ‘on-the-go’. Now there is no need to carry around blisters that might get pierced in your handbag or suit pocket. These crafty sachets are the perfect solution.

The sachet PET material has a high barrier against air, water vapour and aromas, high UV light protection, high flex crack resistance and good thermal insulation properties. We’ve moved to this PET sachet with Oxo-biodegradable Matte laminate. The great thing about this is that Oxo-biodegradable Matte laminate degrades after disposal to reduce its overall mass of the material by >70% therefore reducing landfill volumes.

We’re super proud of them and hope you like them as much as we do!