Staff Profile: Heidi Takla

What is your name, role and how long have you worked at BioRevive? 

Hello, I’m Heidi Takla, Sales & Marketing Analyst. I joined BioRevive during lockdown, and have now been a part of the team for 7 months. 

What’s your favourite BioRevive product and why? 

Oh, that’s a tough one! It’s a tie between Nageze and TearsAgain. 

I tend to concentrate on my computer for far too long without blinking and end up with very dry eyes; TearsAgain helps to sooth and hydrate my eyes, allowing me to get on with my work. 

Nageze Joint Pain is fabulous for relieving those niggly aches and pains; It’s fast and effective, but what I love most is that it’s naturally derived, and I know exactly what’s in it!

What do you find funniest about working in a family business?

The environment is welcoming and relaxed which encourages more open interaction, and along with it, day-to-day funny moments. From meeting the pets and children in the family, to observing the sibling rivalry, the vibe is light-hearted, and there’s always room for a laugh.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?

I enjoy creative activities and live music. I’m a keen photographer and jewellery maker, who enjoys silversmithing and lapidary.

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

I love to get out and about exploring nature (beaches are my favourite) whenever I am free. The remainder of my time is spent time on hobbies, socialising with friends, and shopping for plants and crystals. 

In another life I’m pretty sure I was a…

Seal... I’m happiest when I’m at a nice beach soaking up the sun and enjoying a bit of a swim too.