Nozovent Large – Clinically proven anti-snoring device

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What is Nozovent?

Nozovent is a reusable soft plastic device clinically proven to improve sleep for snorers in over 70% of patients*.

*Bjorn Petruson, Snoring Can be Reduced when the Nasal Airflow is Increased by the Nasal Dilator Nozovent, 1990

How does Nozovent work?

Nozovent widens nostrils so that airflow is increased through the nose. When worn at night, Nozovent significantly reduces or stops snoring, sleep apnoea and nocturnal asthma.

Who can use Nozovent?

Nozovent is suitable for adults and children over 12. Consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist for more information on children under 12 using Nozovent.


  • Reusable
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in two convenient sizes
  • Clinically proven to improve sleep for snorers in over 70% of patients


Squeeze the flat sections or ‘wings’ between your index finger and thumb. Insert a wing into each nostril, then anchor Nozovent by pressing the wings in place, with the large balls facing downwards.

Carefully pull the middle section that sits outside the nose to make sure Nozovent is in place.

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Customer Reviews

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Lester Holt
Nozovent Large

I used to purchase these at a country pharmacy in WA. Unable to locate a seller in Perth.
So pleased that I can purchase from the supplier. These things allow me to breathe freely all night, regardless of which side I sleep on. Without NOZOVENT I used to wake with headache. Not any more.
This device is a life changer for me.